DMA 22 Form Winter 2020

Project 4 Presentation + Documentation

Presentation: There was a change of plans, so my project does not follow anything in the presentation! Due to the incident that’s been happening, and since I wasn’t able to pick up my project in time for documentation, I only have my plans and sketches left. Also, I couldn’t find the pictures I tookContinue reading “Project 4 Presentation + Documentation”


COVID Face mask instruction manual! RB for racial bias The first case of coronavirus was first announced around Chinese New Year time. I remember when it first caught media attention, I noticed a lot of racist narrative being driven against Chinese people. I had done a lot more research about it and it never failedContinue reading “project4- COVIDFACEMASK”

Project 3 Documentation

  Originally, somehow wanted to incorporate Asian traditional clothing with modern-day wearables. Luckily I got 8 yards of free fabric from my friend, but it was chiffon fabric. Instead of a long dress, I made a kimono inspired top. It was hard to keep the fabric together in general since it was very thin andContinue reading “Project 3 Documentation”

project 3Pre$erve$

super frooty time:] super super delicate, a wearable thats barely wearable. I wanted the materials to juxtapose, quite like the industrial and organic pairing

Project 4 Documentation (Music Box + Plant Pot)

Designed for the Persian poem: “Without love, there is no music and glee, Without love there is no melody, Even if hundreds of droplets of rain pour on the sea, Without love, the union will not be”

Color Blocks

Proposal I was inspired by the aesthetics of play to create – from 8-bit video game graphics, Tetris, playblocks, and Lego. I aimed to create a set of colorful blocks that could fit together and be taken apart to act as storage units (both as boxes/shelves). I am very drawn to polychrome, and was alsoContinue reading “Color Blocks”

project 4

Kart, 2020 Mom, 2020 Mom (detail), 2020 200 Words: I learned a lot about being patient during project 4. The choice to use resin/sand mixed together was trial and error. In the future, I wish to work with finer (smaller sized) materials like the sand, and build something larger out of something small. I thinkContinue reading “project 4”

Project 3: Insect Armor

I’ve always wanted to construct armor using cosplay techniques, so I used the wearable prompt to try my hand. The character I created is based on a Filipino folklore creature called a ‘Mambabarang’ (or mamalarang). The mambabarang is a human that can wield  dark magic and compel insects to seek out the witch’s victim andContinue reading “Project 3: Insect Armor”

Project 3, Plague Doctor

A flamboyantly colored plague doctor mask. I’m not settled on the final colors, but I wanted to play around with the juxtaposition between subject matter and appearance once more.

Project 3 Sketch

My idea was realized earlier yesterday, but I am deciding to do some sort of tribal mask made out of a Ghillie Suit. I am interested in the idea of contrasting human nature from ancient nomadic tribes, into modern humans and our attire for capturing prey for survival.

☆(◒‿◒)☆ Natalee’s Lamp project documentation

Lamp is made of 13 separate laser cut pieces of 1/4″ acrylic – 1 circular mount that is pressure fit to the light fixture and 12 differently sized panels that hang from little notches on the mount. they are secured with metal o-rings and the acrylic has adhesive dichroic film adhered to all surfaces.

Sewer Lamp

Sewer Lamp, 2020 sewer pipe, light, acrylic, polylactic acid, hot glue (10 x 10 x 9 in) Initial Sketches Modeling Diagrams Process

Wiggins Lamp Documentation

Laser cut sliced clear acrylic “bird cage” around a vintage aerolux bulb. 3d printed pressure-fit fixture-holder.

project one- charcoot

For my polyhedron, I made a nine by nine charcuterie board. I recently became obsessed with arranging charcuterie boards over the last two months so I only thought it was fitting to make a physical board that I could use. I kept the design pretty simple, I used a simple box joint to create myContinue reading “project one- charcoot”

Octahedron Planter: Project 1 Process and Reflection

Octahedron Planter: Reflection  For my first DESMA 22 project, I decided to make a plant holder – with a geometric twist. As a complete beginner to all things three-dimensional, I decided upon a simple design concept. This idea was motivated by the plants lying around my room nesting in standard store-bought paper and plastic containersContinue reading “Octahedron Planter: Project 1 Process and Reflection”

Project 1 Documentation

Toilet Paper Holder, 2020 rubber, wood, toilet paper, screws, (6.5 x 22.5 x 5 in) Toilet Paper Holder is an embodiment of Seh’s personal lifelong struggle with defecation and its messy consequences. By sealing the holder and toilet paper away with rubber, Seh traps his frustration within the very object that gives rise to it.Continue reading “Project 1 Documentation”

Cloud Block ☁️◻️

My piece “Cloud Block” seeks to address three key concepts: recurring structures, hidden structures, and imperfect knowledge. Cloud Block is built up of three identical “O” shaped blocks which, when connected together, form an infinite knot structure. The knot, like the loops which make it up, has no beginning or end point, and therefore canContinue reading “Cloud Block ☁️◻️”

Charcoot Board

she’s gonna be a simple thick 9×9 charcoot board with an acrylic case. Attached with miter joints. HaRdwood!! (for food safety)

Toilet Paper Holder, Polyhedron Sketches (1/10/20)

  did some sketches the night before fab lab clock in(2-5pm, 1/10/20) Learned about different types of glue and such today. The structure of the piece was assembled and finished. Waiting for respiratory protector from amazon to paint the piece. single use remember to mask the toilet paper w/ paper when applying paint

Wiggins polyhedron sketch-1

The angle on the underside of the polyhedron is 45 degrees, Right now the polyhedron would be flush with the sides of the pedestal (don’t know if that violates the “make pedestal slightly larger than the polyhedron” rule). Dowel rods would attach the polyhedron to the base, so the materials would have to be thickContinue reading “Wiggins polyhedron sketch-1”

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