DMA 22 Form Winter 2020

Octahedron Planter: Project 1 Process and Reflection

Octahedron Planter: Reflection  For my first DESMA 22 project, I decided to make a plant holder – with a geometric twist. As a complete beginner to all things three-dimensional, I decided upon a simple design concept. This idea was motivated by the plants lying around my room nesting in standard store-bought paper and plastic containersContinue reading “Octahedron Planter: Project 1 Process and Reflection”

Project 1 Documentation

Toilet Paper Holder, 2020 rubber, wood, toilet paper, screws, (6.5 x 22.5 x 5 in) Toilet Paper Holder is an appliance illustrating Seh’s frustration of never having enough toilet paper in his bathroom. By sealing the toilet paper and its holder with rubber, Seh creates a single-use device for a bathroom emergency. -Process   -SketchesContinue reading “Project 1 Documentation”

Cloud Block ☁️◻️

My piece “Cloud Block” seeks to address three key concepts: recurring structures, hidden structures, and imperfect knowledge. Cloud Block is built up of three identical “O” shaped blocks which, when connected together, form an infinite knot structure. The knot, like the loops which make it up, has no beginning or end point, and therefore canContinue reading “Cloud Block ☁️◻️”

Charcoot Board

she’s gonna be a simple thick 9×9 charcoot board with an acrylic case. Attached with miter joints. HaRdwood!! (for food safety)

Toilet Paper Holder, Polyhedron Sketches (1/10/20)

  did some sketches the night before fab lab clock in(2-5pm, 1/10/20) Learned about different types of glue and such today. The structure of the piece was assembled and finished. Waiting for respiratory protector from amazon to paint the piece. single use remember to mask the toilet paper w/ paper when applying paint

Wiggins polyhedron sketch-1

The angle on the underside of the polyhedron is 45 degrees, Right now the polyhedron would be flush with the sides of the pedestal (don’t know if that violates the “make pedestal slightly larger than the polyhedron” rule). Dowel rods would attach the polyhedron to the base, so the materials would have to be thickContinue reading “Wiggins polyhedron sketch-1”

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